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Protesters make a house call on Reichert's Issaquah office

Mardie Rhodes of Sammamish was one of the people at the rally in Issaquah on Thursday.
KUOW photo/David Hyde
Mardie Rhodes of Sammamish was one of the people at the rally in Issaquah on Thursday.

Protesters gathered outside Congressman Dave Reichert's office in Issaquah on Thursday, upset that he hasn’t scheduled face time with the public during the first Congressional recess since Donald Trump was elected president.

But they’re also hope to persuade the Washington Republican to break with the Trump administration on some big issues, including environmental protection, education and Obamacare.

Among those protesting was Mardie Rhodes, a retired constituent of Reichert from Issaquah. “I spent 30 years in health care,” she said. “I’m a passionate advocate for the Affordable Care Act, and I want to look him eyeball-to-eyeball and have a conversation about it."

Reichert was not home.

But he appeared at the KCTS-9 public television studios in Seattle for a Facebook Live event in which he fielded people’s questions. Enrique Cerna of KCTS moderated the questions.

Across the country, citizens have confronted members of Congress who are home for recess and conducting town hall-style events.

In South Carolina, for example, Rep. Mark Sanford held a raucous public meeting that lasted more than three hours. 

Before the recess, House Republican leaders held a closed-door meeting to brief members about what might happen at public meetings during the break. Reichert wasreported to be one of the presenters.

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