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Next stop, Angle Lake as light rail extends past Sea-Tac

Sound Transit's light rail shot from the SeaTac Airport Station.
Flickr Photo/Michael @NW Lens (CC BY NC ND 2.0)/
Sound Transit's light rail shot from the SeaTac Airport Station.

In one month, Sea-Tac airport will no longer be the last stop on the Sound Transit light rail line. Sound Transit plans to open the Angle Lake train station on September 24, several years ahead of schedule.


It will be a four minute ride from Angle Lake to Sea-Tac Airport. That span of rail is all above ground, and so is the new train station where riders will have views of Mt. Rainier.

The station has its own theme: Environment in Motion. The central piece of artwork is called "Cloud" - a hanging sculpture that moves and changes color with the light.

The Angle Lake station was paid for out of the Sound Transit 2 ballot measure. Sound Transit spokesperson Kimberly Reason says it was finished four years early thanks to a federal TIGER grant that Washington lawmakers lobbied for. She says this new station is extremely significant.

Reason: "This is yet another critical juncture in expanding the line farther south as a part of our regional spine. We are diligently working on expanding the line farther south to the Kent/Des Moines area."

Angle Lake will be the southern-most stop until Kent/Des Moines opens in 2023. Stations are also on the books for Bellevue, Northgate and Lynnwood.

Sound Transit is asking voters to approve a new funding package (ST3) in the November election, to expand light rail even farther.