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Weird free food in the KUOW break room

The subject line read: "There is fresh, raw Nigerian pygmy goat's milk in the fridge."* 

And beneath it: "I'm not going to drink it all, so feel free." 

In most newsrooms, free food is usually day-old pizza or stale Skittles. But at KUOW, the free counter in our break room is practically a dare. 

Once, a reporter came back from the waterfront with a sea urchin – that small, spiny creature that hangs out in tidal pools. Everyone gathered round and scooped the roe onto crackers. 

And no one can stop talking about the salty "Swedish licorice for the brave," aka Satan's turds, courtesy of producer Posey Gruener. 

We've had bugs. One batch looked spiced and legit; the other looked like a baby locust swarm flew in and died on a plate. (Both were eaten.)

There has also been Christmas candy in summertime and a jar of pickles that were borderline offensive. (The descriptions uttered at the free table were decidedly NSFW.) 

Scroll through our slideshow (if you're on your phone, tap the image up top) to see more free food from our green room. 

*Yes, connoisseurs of Nigerian goat milk, we know. DWARF, not pygmy.

Also, a gif of KUOW staff eating bugs: 

[asset-images[{"caption": "", "fid": "128689", "style": "placed_wide", "uri": "public://201608/bugsreax.gif", "attribution": ""}]]