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Washington Insurance Commissioner Launches Investigation Of Premera

Washington state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler says Premera Blue Cross has been cooperating with an investigation of a cyberattack that exposed data on millions of customers.

Kreidler hopes the investigation will reveal exactly how 11 million customers had their social security numbers and medical information compromised.

KUOW’s Joshua McNichols has more.


Mike Kreidler was just starting his day when Premera called him to tell him about a cyberattack that had taken place six weeks before.

After Kreidler hung up the phone, he turned around.

And he told his staff he’d be launching a multistate investigation of Premera.

Kreidler: "We would have been heavily engaged in this activity weeks ago if we’d been afforded the opportunity to know in a more timely basis. It was clear once we were notified. Which is part of the irritation right now. It took six weeks."

Kreidler says he’s looking at new rules that would have compelled Premera to reveal the information within hours, not weeks.

Premera’s also cooperating with an FBI investigation that focuses on international threats to cyber security.

Premera spokesperson Eric Earling says there’s no reason to panic.

Earling: "The attackers were able to gain unauthorized access to our IT systems. But there is no indication that they removed any information from our system, nor is there any indication that the information has been inappropriately used since the cyberattack."

But Kreidler says he wants solid proof that consumers have not been harmed.

Alaska and Oregon are also participating in the investigation.