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Immigrants Demand Reform From Newly Re-elected Obama

Felicitas Flores and her daughter Claudia
Liz Jones

Immigrants and advocates rallied in Seattle today to highlight their priority for the President Obama’s second term:  comprehensive immigration reform.

Immigrant and Latino voters turned out in record numbers this election and overwhelmingly backed Obama.  Now, immigrants appear ready to exercise their political clout.

Latinos, Asians and other immigrants chanted and shared stories at the Seattle rally. Chinese-American college student Lummy Lin said all immigrants share the common dream of a better life for their children. “To me it’s important that our country go in a direction that is open and inclusive and tolerant,” Lin said.

An undocumented student at Highline Community College said he’s eager to gain legal status and access to better job opportunities.

Alicia Torres, a Latina mother, wants the US to stop deportation of undocumented immigrants. She says her husband currently faces deportation and their children’s lives are in limbo. Torres says she wants more immigrants have the chance to contribute to the country.

As to prospects for immigration reform, President Obama has already called it a top priority. Republican House Speaker John Beohner has indicated compromise is possible. Boehner told ABC Newshe’s confident Republicans could agree to a comprehensive immigration bill.

Opponents of progressive immigration reform have long argued for lower immigration numbers and no amnesty for people who’ve crossed the border illegally.

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