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Week in Review: Gun laws, electing leaders and food hype

KUOW PHOTO/ Kara McDermott
'Week In Review' panel Nikkita Oliver, Cathy Allen, Knute Berger and Bill Radke

This week one man killed 58 and wounded hundreds of people in Las Vegas using legal weapons — semiautomatic rifles modified with devises that make them act more like machine guns. Will this shooting change our gun laws? 

And the two candidates running for mayor of Seattle continued to tell voters about their policy positions. But are we asking the wrong question when we make a decision on who to elect into political power? Should we be more focused on a candidate's ability to lead with humility and less focused on their detailed policy plans? 

Also, the Northwest lost one of it's great food marketers. Jon Rowley was best known for marketing Copper River salmon and Olympia oysters. We'll remember Rowley and ask about the role marketing plays in the food we eat. 

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Get caught up on the news: 

Our panel this week: 

Bill Radke @kuowradke, host 

Knute Berger @KnuteBerger, is the Mossback at Crosscut

Cathy Allen @CathyAllen206, political consultant for Democrats

Nikkita Oliver @nikkitaoliver, former mayoral candidate with the Seattle People's Party 

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