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Seahawks-Patriots rematch Sunday is also political grudge match

Nov 10, 2016

It's been almost two years since the Seattle Seahawks lost the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots. This Sunday, the two teams meet for the first time since then in a game that's being called a Super Bowl rematch. 

Sports writer Dave Zirin said for some fans in Seattle, which voted overwhelmingly against Donald Trump, it will also be political grudge match.  

That's because the night before the election, Trump told a crowd in New Hampshire that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick backed his campaign.

That's given Seattle fans, many still reeling from the election results, yet another reason to root against Brady and Belichick this weekend. 

Zirin said the politics also go back to the Patriot's own locker room back in New England, where a majority of players are likely unhappy with Trump, Brady and Belichick. So Zirin said he's putting all of his money on the Seahawks to win on Sunday.  

Update, 11/14/2016: And BTW, Seattle's defense stopped New England on the 1-yard line in the final seconds on Sunday, preserving a 31-24 Seahawk victory.