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High Tolls Fuel More I-405 Anger

Dec 11, 2015

The price of the new Interstate 405 toll lanes between Bellevue and Lynnwood hit an all-time high Thursday at $10 a trip.

The lane opened in September, for carpools or people willing to pay to use it. And it has angered some drivers.

The group Stop 405 Tolls has gathered 19,000 petition signatures against the toll.

David Hablewitz is part of the group. He's bothered because during rush hours, carpools can only take the lane for free if they have three riders.

Hablewitz: “We're making a two-person carpool, then I would say, 'I'll be over at your house, I'll pick you up around whatever time.'

"A three person carpool, 'Oh, well, where are we going to meet? Alright we'll meet there, what time?' We all have to coordinate those times. 'Alright Bob's not here, he has to do something after work. We're only a two-person carpool today.'"

Traditionally, carpool lanes are allowed if there are two people in the vehicle.

Despite reaction from some citizens, the state transportation department has plans to expand the express toll lane.

The long-term plan would build out the lane for 40 miles, between SR 167 and the I-405/I-5 interchange.