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Your Legacy and KUOW

Contact Sarah Freeman
206.616.8967 or

While KUOW needs annual operating support, deferred gifts guarantee KUOW's public radio services are available for generations to come. Gifts to support KUOW in the future should be planned with careful consideration of your long–term financial objectives, current financial circumstances, age, estate plan and your charitable goals.

Our staff is available to help answer questions and provide additional information on the options listed below.

KUOW Giving Options

Naming KUOW in Your Will

A charitable bequest is one of the most meaningful legacies you can provide for your favorite organization and can be an effective way to make a significant contribution that might not otherwise be possible. When planning or updating your will, you may want to consider making a bequest by:

  • specifying a percentage of your estate for KUOW
  • naming a specific dollar amount to KUOW
  • giving the residue of your estate to KUOW

KUOW's full legal name is KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio and our IRS Tax ID number is 91–2079402. Meeting with your attorney or other advisors will help you determine the approach most appropriate to your circumstances. 

Life Income Plans

KUOW's life income plans offer a variety of opportunities to make a gift to public radio while receiving tax savings and income for life. Several plans are available, including:

  • a charitable gift annuity, which provides a fixed payment for life
  • a charitable remainder trust, which allows you to receive an income stream for life
  • a remainder interest in your residence or property

Gifts of Real Estate

If you are considering a gift of real estate, contact Melissa Laird, Major Gifts Officer at 206.897.1488, or at

Real estate gifts can help support KUOW now, or they can often be used to fund a charitable remainder trust.  

Retirement Plans and Life Insurance

By listing KUOW as the beneficiary of part or all of the balance of your retirement plan or IRA, you may dramatically reduce the amount of estate and income taxes to be paid by your estate. By naming KUOW as the beneficiary, your estate will be entitled to an estate tax charitable deduction for the full amount of the distribution. The station will not pay any income tax, and the full amount of the plan or benefits directed to KUOW will be available for the station's use.

For more information about these giving options, please consult your attorney, financial adviser or Sarah Freeman at 206.616.8967.