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The Takeaway
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. on KUOW

The Takeaway is a national program that delivers the news and analysis you need to catch up, start your day, and prepare for what's ahead. Host John Hockenberry, along with the BBC World Service, The New York Times and KUOW, invites listeners to be part of the American conversation.

Host John Hockenberry announces he will step down as host of The Takeaway

John Hockenberry is leaving The Takeaway. The show will continue with interim host, Todd Zwillich. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Takeaway was launched in 2009 as a news program that upheld public radio’s journalistic standards and was also more conversational and personality-driven, relying on station partners and listeners to represent the American conversation, to reflect the urgent issues of the day and give voice to local perspectives.  John Hockenberry has been a key member of the team from the beginning. Now, after almost a decade of terrific service, John has decided to end his successful tenure on the show.  John is well-regarded for his voracious curiosity and his ability to work across a wide range of platforms: radio, writing, digital, events. Getting away from the crush of daily newsgathering will give him the space he needs to pursue other passions at this point in his career.  John will return to the air the week of August 7 to wrap up his duties as host of the program.

John said: “Ultimately, in every challenging career, there comes a time when it is important to know when to move on. Away from the responsibilities of a national daily program, I want to attempt some radical experiments with new technology platforms for news and information. Most importantly, I wish to directly experience how the media, citizens, and people in power can come together in new ways to create the functioning democracies of the 21st century. I have put more of myself and more than 30 years of accumulated wisdom about broadcast radio storytelling into The Takeaway. It is a more personal statement about what I believe radio, and particularly public radio, should be than anything I have ever done. I love The Takeaway and am quite proud of the national success we've achieved thanks to stations like yours that carry our show and believe in our mission.”

The producers of The Takeaway, WNYC and PRI, have begun a search for the new host. In the interim, Todd Zwillich, the program’s Washington Correspondent and frequent guest host, will host the show. Going forward, the program will build on its tradition of bold and engaging journalism and conversation to serve as a trusted source of news and analysis.