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BTSW Podcast
Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace

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Yes, your workplace is sexist. Let’s laugh/cry together while learning what we can do about it.

We are Eula Scott Bynoe and Jeannie Yandel, hosts of KUOW’s newest podcast, Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace (BTSW). We’re also moms, friends, women and participants in the daily social experiment we call the workplace.

On this podcast, we’re going to get personal. We will share our own stories and opinions about workplace sexism (get ready, we’ve got a lot). We will also apply the same journalistic rigor to our research you would expect from any KUOW story.

We want you to know that BTSW is:

  • About a path forward. It’s easy to say there’s a problem. What’s tougher is figuring out what we can do about it. On BTSW we’re bringing you evidence and experts to help everyone identify, discuss and fight sexism as it’s happening.
  • For everyone. We want to empower everyone, not just those who identify as women or feminists, to take responsibility for workplace sexism and eradicate it. #subscribeyourfriends #subscribeyourboss
  • A celebration of progress. Yes, there will be merit badges. Subscribe to the newsletter or follow @btswpodcast on Instagram to collect them all.
  • A place for your stories. Change comes when we can all talk openly and transparently about our experiences. We want to hear from you. No really, please email us. (And join our Facebook group!)
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