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Filiz Efe McKinney

Committees: Development, Finance & Audit

Filiz Efe McKinney is a digital content producer; combining communication strategy, filmmaking, and just a hint of the unknown, she inspires and engages viewers to take action.

After running a successful marketing communications business in Turkey, Filiz started a new chapter in a new country by earning a Master of Communication in Digital Media at the University of Washington. Upon graduating in 2010, she declared Seattle her new home and founded Brave Sprout, her production company. This shift in career, culture, and geography widened her perspective and helped Filiz to truly embrace the unfamiliar. It drives her to push past the “what” and dig deep into the “why” of her stories, seeking authentic connection with her audience. Filiz brings this same approach to her teaching at the Northwest Film Forum and to her role as a KUOW board member.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Filiz continually explores new technologies in storytelling (aka, her toys). To get her creative juices flowing, she attends farmers markets to sniff fresh produce, and plays mad scientist in her cozy kitchen brewing up some potent kombucha.