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These Edmonds churchgoers wanted to house the homeless. Their first tenants arrive in August

Edmonds Lutheran Church is installing a new home on their property for people experiencing homelessness. 

It’s a rectangular, 260-square-foot studio apartment with water and electricity. 

Tim Olsen, pastor at Edmonds Lutheran, said his congregation didn’t want just a temporary setup.  

“We want to do something that’s long-term, that’s permanent, and that’s sustainable, and healthy," Olsen said.

The building, installed last week, is designed by Seattle-based startup Blokable and manufactured in Vancouver, Wash.

Unlike a tent encampment or a tiny house, this building has a sleek, modern design with lots of clean lines. 

At a recent community meeting, congregates got to tour the new space. 

“Some of their comments were like, ‘Yeah, I would live in this, I really would live here, this is great.’ And that’s what’s really drawing us: It looks trendy and it’s something that seems like it would be a home," Olsen said. 

The homes are designed to stand alone or can be stacked like blocks. 

Olsen said they have enough land to potentially add up to eighty units.  

Compass Housing Alliance is managing the home and the first tenants are set to move in by the end of July.

[asset-images[{"caption": "A rendering of how the homes can be stacked.", "fid": "145994", "style": "placed_wide", "uri": "public://201807/05_-_image_-_multifamily_home.jpg", "attribution": "Credit Blokable"}]]

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