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Paul Allen, Nick Hanauer pledge $1 million each to gun control initiative

Flickr Photo/Michael Saechang (CC BY-SA-2.0)/
Initiative 1639 would raise the minimum age required to buy a military-style rifle to 21.

They're not the biggest political contributions in the state's history, but they're up there.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says he has written a million-dollar check for a gun-control initiative.

And Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer says he's doing the same.

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The proposed ballot measure would raise the minimum age, as well as require safety training and background checks, to buy a military-style rifle in Washington state.

Other billionaires and businesses have spent more heavily to influence Washington voters.

The biggest single pulse of money into a Washington state election came seven years ago, when Costco wrote a check for nearly $9 million in its successful push to privatize liquor sales.

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