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PHOTOS: Behind the scenes at Sea Gals tryouts

The 2018 Sea Gals squad has been determined. Of the 52 Sea Gals hopefuls that competed on Sunday during the final round of auditions, only 28 dancers made the team. 

The hallways of the West Club Lounge at CenturyLink Field were filled with women curling their hair, stretching and applying make-up before the most intense job interview I’ve ever seen.  

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The contestants, both new and returning, performed a short solo as well as a choreographed dance and explained to judges what inspired them, broadcasted on live television.

The song "Instruction" by Jax Jones echoed through the building over and over again as different groups of contestants performed the routine in pairs of two.

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At the end of the performances, the 52 contestants lined up on the edge of the stage.

Piper, a 7-year-old junior Sea Gal, waited with a green and blue pom-pom for each Sea Gal who was called onto the stage to join the 2018 squad.

The 24 women who were not called onto the stage quietly left the room and disappeared from the hallway area very quickly.

"I am so excited to work with a group of women who not only are beautiful from the inside out, but just are amazing, athletic dancers," said Sea Gals Director Courtney Moore.  

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