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These Seattleites are serious about curling

The Winter Olympics are over — but there's good news for curling fans. You don't have to wait four years to enjoy more thrilling curling action.

The Granite Curling Club in Seattle's Bitter Lake neighborhood hosts league play and will teach you how to throw stones, sweep and score like the pros.  

But there is a learning curve.

“When you watch it, it looks really easy," said Jessica Schultz, an instructor at Granite Curling. "And then you come out and try it and you’re like — oh, that’s a lot harder than I thought it was."

Schultz added: “We really have a great sense of community here. This is the only sport I know of where I’ve played against a 90-year-old with a 12-year-old on my team. It’s just really fun because it’s inter-generational. Every skill level can try it. But not everyone is gonna go to the Olympics."

John Chang recently tried curling for the first time with his church group. The hardest part for him?  Working that broom.

“The sweeping," he said. "Oh, man — the sweeping was so exhausting. I thought my arms we’re going to fall off."

Schultz said the club gets a lot of first timers during the Winter Olympics, and most get hooked.

“This is a volunteer-run club," she said. "So everybody out here is not getting paid. We’re doing it for the love of the sport and love of the community. I think a lot of people just find their second place. You’re not going to find the Seattle Freeze at the curling club. The only thing frozen here is the ice."

The club is also a hub for professional curlers. Five players from Seattle are currently at nationals in Duluth, Minnesota.

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