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Some Canadian travelers cast wary eye at Trump's America, according to survey

Will Vancouver continue to be a stand-in for Seattle in film and television.
Flickr Photo/Alex Costin (CC BY ND 2.0)/
Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Trump presidency is dampening some Canadians’ enthusiasm for travel to the United States.

That’s according to the Conference Board of Canada, a not-for-profit group that tracks economic trends.

Nearly 40 percent of Canadians who are likely to take a leisure trip to the U.S. over the next few years say the Trump presidency might negatively affect those plans, according to the survey.

And for travelers from British Columbia, that number jumps to 44 percent.  

But so far at least, the transit businesses KUOW contacted said they have not seen a drop-off in travel from B.C. into the United States.    

Bolt Bus said it saw a 13 percent increase at the start of 2017 in trips from Vancouver compared to 2016.

And the Victoria Clipper also reported a jump in business this year to Seattle.

Some other numbers from the Conference Board survey:

  • 43 percent of female travelers from Canada were more likely to be worried about travel to the U.S. because of Trump. The number was 31 percent for male travelers.
  • Half of travelers ages 18-24 said they were less likely to travel to the U.S. That fell to 27 percent for travelers 65 and older.
  • 70 percent of travelers said the Trump presidency would cause an increase in discrimination and racism.
  • 44 percent said safety and security would decline.
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