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Seattle Sounders fans prep for first-ever Major League Soccer championship

Wilmer Dueño missed a brief Sounders rally in Seattle but he'll be cheering during the MLS final.
KUOW photo/Amy Radil
Wilmer Dueño missed a brief Sounders rally in Seattle but he'll be cheering during the MLS final."

The Seattle Sounders F-C will play in their first-ever Major League Soccer championship match Saturday against Toronto.

For local soccer fans, that means emotions are high … even if their numbers aren’t.

There may have been two dozen King County employees at a Sounders flag-raising and pep rally Friday.

King County Deputy Executive Fred Jarrett said County Executive Dow Constantine was out of town, and people had holiday parties to go to.

Still, he rallied the fans and raised the Sounders flag over the administration building. He noted that the last time he filled in on this job, it was to raise a flag for the Seattle Seahawks, just before the NFL team won the Superbowl.

Jarrett called it a good omen for the Seattle soccer team. “What do you think, this is going to be the time that the Sounders get the championship, right?”The crowd cheered its agreement. 

County employee Elaine Goddard braved the wet day to cheer for a team she followed growing up.

“We used to go to the Sounders back when they were in Memorial Stadium, way back in the 1970’s," she said. "So I’ve been a fan ever since then and I was really excited when they came back and I’m just super-excited that they’re going to go to the championship.”

When another King County employee showed up a couple minutes later – the rally was already over.

But Wilmer Dueño was undaunted. He wore his Sounders scarf and said he’s been a soccer fan for a long time.

“Didn’t follow MLS very much, just European leagues," he said. "But once we got a local team it was just fun to channel that support locally.”

Dueño said he’s disappointed that the match will not be taking place in Seattle. But he’ll be meeting friends at a local tavern to cheer for the Sounders on-screen. The game will take place in Toronto Saturday. Local start time in Seattle is 5 p.m.

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