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A Grinch stole a Grinch, but fret not, Seattle. Christmas will come

Candy Cane Lane in 2013 in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood.
Flickr Photo/Frank Fujimoto (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Candy Cane Lane in 2013 in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood.

I want to highlight a good deed that someone has done this Christmas season.

Someone stole Christmas decorations from Seattle's famous Candy Cane Lane in Ravenna.

This is the street with the houses all lit up and decorated for Christmas; they've been doing it since the 50s, thousands of cars drive slowly down the street looking at the beautiful displays.

The Seattle Times reports that one of the houses was robbed right off the lawn. Someone took their North Pole scene, the penguin, the seal, the big candy cane.

They also stole an inflatable Grinch, so obviously this is a reenactment of the beloved holiday special "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," in which the Grinch tries to ruin Christmas by stealing all the lights and presents and ting-tinglers and flung-floopers.

But what everyone learns is that Christmas comes anyway, even without a penguin on your lawn.

So I want to thank that thief for reminding us of the Christmas lesson, as difficult as it is for the people in that Ravenna house — I believe the thief will come back to town when they learn their lesson and they will give back all the lights and the candy canes and they will even carve the roast beast.

Same thing in "A Charlie Brown Christmas:" Snoopy is all into winning the Christmas display contest by lighting up his doghouse, and all the kids wants the glitzy aluminum Christmas trees. But at the end, they learn that actually, Charlie Brown is a blockhead but he did get a nice tree.

Christmas will come, Ravenna!

“And every Who down in Ravenna, the tall and the small, will be singing! Without any penguins at all!

He HADN'T stopped Christmas from coming! IT CAME! Somehow or other, it came just the same!”

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