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Seattle Girls School students react to Trump's victory

The results of the presidential election have stunned people across the country. Trump's win has had a particularly emotional effect on some women and  girls. 

Seattle Girls' School is an all girl middle school in the Central District. And the first day after the presidential election was a time for sharing. Many teachers canceled their regular lesson plans and allowed their students to express their feelings about Trump's victory.

Art teacher Janet Miller said many girls were upset.

"One student shared that she was horrified that someone who made such blatantly sexist comments could win in this election. And she expressed feeling unsafe riding the bus because she felt the president wouldn't care if something were to happen to her," Miller said.

But students also displayed mixed emotions. Brenda Hodges Howell is a humanities teacher.

"Somebody came up to me this morning and made a big sign with her body and said, 'I'm really afraid for my Asian family right now' with a smile on her face," Howell said. "It was just this conflicting moment of, 'How do I deal with my fear and feel like I can keep going, while being 11?'"

But along with the intense feelings, there was also hope. Wendy Eubank teaches social studies.

"It's at those times of tension when voices, courageous voices in arts and in literature, and activist circles shift the power and make change," Eubank said.