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Millenials registered in droves in Washington, but will they vote?

Election officials are calling it a watershed year for voters in Washington. 

Roughly 4.2 million people are registered to vote, a record for Washington state. That represents 83 percent of all the people eligible to vote in Washington, according to an outside researcher and the Secretary of State.

Millennials (those 35 and younger) have registered in droves recently. David Ammons at the Secretary of State's office says that's thanks to get-out-the-vote drives on social media, and partly due to early excitement behind former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

But will they turn in a ballot by Election Day?

Ammons: "Typically millennials, while they get all excited about campaigns, they're not very good at casting ballots. So we're hoping that they will step up this time. It has been invariably true that the older you get the more likely you are to vote."

About one in four registered voters are millennials. About one in five voters are over the age of 65.

Ammons has a few tips for new voters: Turn your ballot in early and use a ballot drop-box instead of the mail.

In the 2014 election, 11,500 ballots were not counted because they were not mailed on time.

Ammons: "You have to have a postmark of Election Day, and if you just put it on your front porch on that Tuesday the 8th, it probably is not going to get the postmark that you need."

People can still register to vote in person until Oct. 31st.