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KUOW at the Republican National Convention: Day 1

The Republican National Convention kicked off in Cleveland Monday. As protesters (one in a bear suit despite the hot weather) demonstrated outside, on the floor of the event another demonstration developed.

Supporters of the Free the Delegates movement called for a state-by-state vote in order to vote their "conscience." Instead, a voice vote was used to confirm Donald Trump's candidacy, among vocal nays and boos.

At least one delegation, Colorado, walked out of the convention in protest. Despite Washington state's delegates supporting Ted Cruz, they remained on the floor though some told us that they would not for Trump come November.

Washington isn't usually seen as a big player at the convention, but we did send one big name to the party: Microsoft. This even though big businesses havelargely been staying away from the conventions this year.

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David Hyde, reporter @hyded

Matt Martin, producer @matt_martin507