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Suspect In Seattle Body Parts Case Charged With Murder

UPDATE 4/13/2016,  4:30 p.m.

The man arrested in the death of a 40-year-old Renton woman was charged Wednesday with first-degree murder.

John Robert Charlton is accused of killing Ingrid Lyne of Renton. On Wednesday, the King County medical examiner's office confirmed that remains found last weekend in Seattle were hers. 

Lyne worked at Swedish Medical Center and was the mother of three daughters.


Bail has been set at $2 million for the man being held in connection with the death of 40-year-old Ingrid Lyne.

John Robert Charlton is being held in the King County Jail pending criminal charges.

New details emerged in the case from court documents released Tuesday afternoon for the bail hearing.

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Ingrid Lyne was a nurse and a mother of three who was last seen Friday. She had planned to go to the Mariners season opener with a date.

When her ex-husband returned with their three daughters to Lyne's home on Saturday morning, she wasn't there.

Her mother, Jorga Bass, told police that she texted a phone number she found on her daughter's phone. Here's the text conversation, according to court documents:

Suspect: "My name is John. I thought she was with her kids today?"

Bass: "When did you see her last? She's not here, her phone is here and driver's license and purse, but she's not, please respond, I've called 911."

Suspect: "911? What's going on? We went to the Mariners game last night but we didn't stay the night together because she has her kids today ... I'm not sure what she told you about me and our relationship."

Bass: "She's missing. What time did you see her last. A police officer needs to speak to you as you may be the last person who saw her." 

The suspect didn't respond again.

Court documents say that blood and other evidence were found in the victim's home in Renton.

Her remains were found Saturday in a recycling bin in Seattle's Central District.

According to the court documents, Charlton told police that he had been dating Lyne for about a month. He told police that on the night she disappeared, they returned to her house from the Mariners game but that he had been so intoxicated that he couldn't remember details of what happened after that. 

A court appearance was set for April 14, which is also the deadline for decision on charging, said Dan Donohoe of the King County prosecutor's office.

On Tuesday, police were using evidence recovery dogs in the Central District neighborhood in the search for more of Lyne's remains.

Lt. Grant Ballingham said he's never seen such a case in his three decades with the Seattle Police Department.

"I would imagine that the huge majority of officers can go through a 30- or 35-year career and never encounter a situation like this," he said.

KUOW Reporter Liz Jones contributed to this report.