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Northeast Seattle: ‘This Driver Is Flipping Off That Driver’

KUOW Illustration/Kara McDermott

For the first time in a century, Seattle voters will choose their City Council members by district. In District 4, which includes Northeast Seattle up to Northeast 85th Street, there are five candidates running.

We asked the candidates to meet us somewhere in their district that signified why they’re running.

Abel Pacheco invited us to his Wallingford basement apartment. Current Councilmember Jean Godden brought us to Bulldog News on University Way.

Michael Maddux chose the 45th Street Overpass, and Rob Johnson met us at the Brooklyn Station light rail construction site.

And Tony Provine chose the boarded-up houses on Northeast 65th Street by Roosevelt High School. He said it symbolizes a neighborhood in transition.

Primary ballots drop on Friday, July 10 and are due by Tuesday, Aug. 4. Two candidates from each district will go on to the general election in November. 

Reinvent Yourself in District 4 (AKA Northeast Seattle)

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