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A Few Unforgettable Moments Heard On KUOW This Year

It’s been an incredible year for KUOW reporters.

Liz Jones traveled to India to report on the emerging tech world, John Ryan challenged politicians, Bill Radke discovered Seattle politeness is literally holding up traffic and Jeannie Yandel met a local surgeon who was the first to operate on a gorilla’s sinuses.

It was also a year of heartbreak: After a landslide thundered down on Oso, Washington, we set up a bureau in a nearby motel and returned six months later to see how survivors were coping in the aftermath. 

When shootings occurred at Seattle Pacific University and Marysville-Pilchuck High, our reporters were immediately on scene. 

To celebrate their hard work, we offer this (not-even-close-to-comprehensive) batch of memorable clips from stories produced at KUOW this year.

We hope it inspires you to listen to the remarkable stories you may have missed in 2014.

The clips posted here are excerpts. To listen to the original stories in their entirety, follow the links below to their original stories. (Numbers correspond to playlist order.)

1. Survivor Describes Harrowing Landslide Moment

2. Hyderabad, India: Seattle's Tech Sister Of The East

3. Destigmatizing Dementia: 'We're Still Here'

4. At Sea-Tac, Kids With Autism Take Flight

5. DNR Head Defends Taking Timber Money Despite Vow

6. UW Surgeon Performs His First Gorilla Surgery

7. Four Years After Deadly Blast, Tesoro Mostly Unscathed

8. Proposed Distracted Driving Law Won't Stop Siri

9. Why Are There So Few Mosquitos In Seattle?

10. How To Merge In Traffic (Seattle, You're Not Going To Like This)

11. Community Cheers Marysville Students' Return To School

12. Pulitzer Prize-Winning Playwright Tony Kushner's 'Angels In America' Comes To Seattle

13. High Milk, Beef Prices Spur A Northwest Cattle Rush

14. Teen Girl Loves Computer Science, But Struggles To Fit In

15. Peace At Foster High, Where Students Once Couldn’t ‘Let Go Of The War’