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A Peek Behind The Curtain At Suzan DelBene's Campaign

KUOW Photo/Deborah Wang

Viet Shelton and Sandeep Kaushik were two of the key players in Suzan DelBene's successful run for Congress in Washington's 1st District in 2012. This year, they are back running DelBene's re-election campaign. 

Kaushik is a partner with Sound View Strategies and long-time political consultant in Seattle. Shelton has been serving as DelBene's communications director in Washington, D.C. and took a leave of absence to manage her campaign.

In this interview, Shelton and Kaushik talk about bi-partisanship, money in politics and why 2012's most annoying campaign commercial ("Suzan DelBene! Suzan DelBene! Suzan DelBene!") really worked.

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