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Washington became one of the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use in 2012. But there are a lot of challenges ahead: the state must set up a licensing system for marijuana growers and sellers, the federal government may mount a challenge, the need to set a new limit on amount of marijuana in the bloodstream for safe driving. And medical marijuana is still in the picture.Over the next several months we will be exploring the issue and tracking the impact of I-502.

Marijuana Activists Cheer Federal Crackdown On Hash Oil Manufacturer

Two men who produced marijuana candy appeared in federal court Friday for a detention hearing . They’re accused of endangering others while manufacturing marijuana extracts.

And other marijuana activists are not rushing to their defense.

Pierce County detectives removed Cap’n Cosmics marijuana candy from about 10 medical marijuana dispensaries on Tuesday. It’s part of an effort by federal and local law enforcement to go after people creating marijuana concentrates under dangerous conditions. And it’s an indication of law enforcement priorities now that marijuana is legal in Washington.

The makers of Cap’n Cosmics are accused of causing an explosion at a house in Puyallup that was also home to a 14-month old child. In court documents, detectives said butane canisters flung from the explosion were still falling from the sky even as they arrived. The fire melted the house’s siding, a basketball hoop and a tricycle.

Other marijuana business owners and activists say they’re glad to see these arrests. John Davis is a dispensary owner and organizer of Hempfest. “Where people are acting completely outside the law and foolishly and dangerously, and endangering their communities, absolutely I think that enforcement has a role,” he said.

A total of seven people were charged in federal court Tuesday for endangering human life while manufacturing a controlled substance.

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