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Venezuela Threatens To Expel CNN Over Protest Coverage

AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro has threatened to expel news network CNN from the country over its reporting of recent protests there.

Maduro said he would take action if CNN did not "rectify its coverage."

Earlier, Maduro said he was sending troops to the western state of Tachira, where there has been continuing unrest.

With tensions running high, the leader of the opposition, Henrique Capriles, has called for a fresh, peaceful anti-government march on Saturday.

There were reports of further clashes in the state of Tachira and in districts of the capital, Caracas.

At a news conference, Capriles rejected violence and said he was ready for dialogue, but claimed the government was not willing to listen.

"In this turbulent hour, we call on the students and on those on the streets not to fall into the trap of violence," Capriles said before showing several videos allegedly containing evidence of abuses by the security forces.

Read the full story at BBC Newsand watch a report on how images are coming out of the social sphere that are confusing protests in Caracas with protests in other parts of the world.