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Candidates For Seattle Mayor Show Their Bookish Side

KUOW Photo/Deborah Wang

What can you tell about a person from the books he or she loves to read? A lot, according to Maggie Taylor, Board President of Friends of the Seattle Public Library.

Taylor invited the city's mayoral candidates to choose a passage from a favorite book and then read it aloud. Eight of the candidates accepted the challenge. They read their selections last night at the Central Library downtown.

The aim of the event was to give voters some insight into the candidates, said Taylor.

How well do you know the candidates for Seattle mayor? See if you can match up the candidates with their favorite books. 

Here are the candidates, in alphabetical order:

1. Joey Gray

2. Bruce Harrell

3. Kate Martin

4. Mary Martin

5. Mike McGinn

6. Ed Murray

7. Charlie Staadecker

8. Peter Steinbrueck

(Doug McQuaid did not attend the event)

And here are the books:

A. "Catch-22" by Joseph Heller

B. "Breaking Rank" by Norm Stamper

C. "The Conjure Woman" by Charles Chestnutt

D. "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin

E. "Living a Life That Matters" by Harold Kushner

F. "Malcolm X, Black Liberation and the Road to Workers' Power" by Jack Barnes

G. "Letter To An Innocent Bystander" essay by Thomas Merton

H. "The Well-Played Game" by Bernie DeKoven

Answers: (1H, 2D, 3B, 4F, 5A, 6G, 7E, 8C)

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