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Will Seattle Get Its Sonics?

Otis Williams with one of his prized Sonics Pumas.
Courtesy Otis Williams
Otis Williams with one of his prized Sonics Pumas.

The NBA’s Board of Governors meets in Dallas Wednesday to decide whether the Sacramento Kings move to Seattle. Until a few days ago, it seemed clear that the answer was no. In a key decision two weeks ago a committee of the NBA voted unanimously to keep the team in Sacramento.

Until the weekend, the NBA meeting today was believed likely to confirm that decision. Then the Maloof family of Sacramento announced it would not sell the team to a group of Sacramento investors. Instead, the brothers want to sell to the Hansen group of Seattle, which has sweetened its offer for the team.

The Maloofs could keep control over the team while giving Hansen a minority stake. The family might also be able to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle. The outcome appears to depend on how far the NBA decides to go in blocking the Maloofs and the Seattle bid.