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Family Of Victims In Wedgwood Drunk Driving Accident Speak Publicly

Ravenna Blog Photo/Rebecca Nelson

After over a month of silence, the family of the victims in the Wedgwood drunk driving accident spoke today. On March 25, a drunk driver hit Dan Schulte’s family as they were walking in the Wedgwood neighborhood.

Schulte’s parents were killed and his wife Karina and his 10-day-old son Elias have both sustained critical injuries. But Schulte says the good news is his son is recovering quicker than anyone had expected. One hopeful sign is that Elias is learning how to feed again.

“I was just in there feeding him this morning, so he’s really come a long ways," said Schulte. "He’s taken to a bottle again, which pretty is awesome. We have heard some people use the word miracle for him. You can’t ask for more from him. He’s come a long ways.”

The family’s doctors can’t say yet whether Elias or his mom will make a full recovery.

The incident has sparked proposals to pass tougher DUI legislation statewide. Schulte is glad to hear it, but he doesn’t have specifics, so he doesn’t know whether the legislation goes far enough. For now, he says he’s just focusing on his family.