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Welcome to SeaCouver! Envisioning the Northwest of the future

In the struggle to shape what life on earth will be like years from now, visionary futurists inspire us with dread and hope at turns. Author Brenda Cooper captures both in her books. Perhaps her day job as the Chief Information Officer at the city of Kirkland helps her see clearly how things are now and might change in the future.

Cooper’s latest book is “Keepers.” Part two of her Project Earth series, it continues the story of sisters Lou and Coryn, who represent the two worlds of the future: highly populated megacities and the vast, reclaimed wild lands between them. As you might imagine, a world in which people have been forced to leave rural lands to live in cities in order to save the planet would have its tensions. 

This talk includes readings from “Keepers” and a Q&A session that covers current events, the writing life and environmental concerns. Cooper, who calls herself a futurist, focuses her work on the role robots might play in our future and concerns about climate change and biodiversity.

On her website, Cooper calls for community involvement in shaping the future:

“This is an important time to talk amongst ourselves so that we can share, see, and understand the promise and peril of our times.  And even more importantly, so that we can create a future full of health, opportunity, and options.”

Brenda Cooper spoke at University Book Store on August 1. KUOW’s Sonya Harris recorded her talk.

Listen to the full version of his talk below: 

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