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Week In Review: Live from Renton!

KUOW Photo/Lisa Wang
[L-R] Bill Radke, Charles Mudede, Rachel Lerman and Monica Guzman

After Richard Russell stole, flew and crashed a Horizon Air Q400 turboprop, an odd thing started popping up online: YouTube tribute videos. What drives people to glorify an incident like that and what can we learn from it? 

Also, it's been very smoky around Puget Sound this week. Is this just the new normal for summer in the Northwest or can something be changed? 

We discuss those topics, the Mariners and more at the Carco Theater in Renton with Charles Mudede, writer for the Stranger, Monica Guzman, co-founder of the Evergrey newsletter, and Rachel Lerman, tech writer for the Seattle Times.

All summer Week In Review has been on the road, visiting cities throughout the Puget Sound region. Our hope is to meet communities where they are an engage in conversation about the issues that challenge and inspire our neighborhoods. Previous shows were held on Bainbridge Island, in Bellevue and Bothell. 

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