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Are you going to Pearl Jam tonight? Ready your thumbprint


Last night's primary deadline offered a preview of how the balance of political power might shift for Washington state. KUOW's Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins and KING5's Natalie Brand talk through the races.

Tonight at Pearl Jam, if you go to Safeco field you'll stand in security lines, concession lines, and etc. But you may be able to speed up the queue - all it takes is your fingerprint. The CLEAR program has arrived at local sports stadiums. Are you intrigued or creeped out by the technology? Geekwire's Kurt Schlosser and Northeastern Computer Science and Law professor Woodrow Hartzog have been following the story.

Sometimes after loved ones commit suicide, we realize they began disappearing slowly long before they were truly gone. In Diana Khoi Nguyen's case, her brother went through all the family photos and cut himself out with an X-Acto knife. "It was a quiet act of violence," she says, and one that foreshadowed his suicide.

Khoi Nguyen's new book of poems, "Ghost Of," she begins to explore the silences and severing that ran through her family even before her brother was lost.