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Love and mourning in our evolving relationship with orcas


Today is the deadline for the Trump administration to finish reunifying families it separated at the border. Meghan Casey of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project is an advocate whose client has not yet been reunited with her child, and has been tracking the numbers of families impacted in Washington State.

A baby orca was born on Tuesday. Normally this would be rare cause for celebration among an extremely threatened population, but the scene quickly turned to one of sorrow after the calf died just half an hour into its life. Since then, its mother has been carrying it on her back as the rest of her pod slowly swims behind her through the San Juan Islands in the Haro Strait. Our human response to this has a lot to do with the way we relate to orcas now, says Dr. Jason Colby of the University of Victoria.

The words "decolonial," "burlesque," and "science" might not all go together in your mind - but maybe they should. There's a show called Sexy Science Confessions, an offshoot of Tipi Confessions, that combines research and science with decolonized indigenous sexuality. Dr. Kim Tallbear is the founder of the show, and joined Bill in studio.

The city's beloved Showbox theater is closing, unless a determined coalition of Seattleites can stop it. Geekwire's Kurt Schlosser and comedian Jay Middleton are leading the charge.