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Gun and bikeshare regulations are coming, and not everyone is pleased


Seattle is working on two thorny regulatory challenges. The NRA is suing the city over a new gun storage laww and new rules are being considered on bikeshare companies. Robert Spitzer, gun policy expert at SUNY Cortland, is a member of both the NRA and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. He spoke with Bill Radke about the two sides of the issue.

On bikes, Dallas Morning News reporter Robert Wilonsky provided an update on regulations passed by that city since last we spoke. Several companies have declared an intention to pull out. Is Seattle headed the same way? David Gutman, transportation reporter for the Times, hazards a guess.

The past week has been a tangle of Russian spy intrigue and dark money moving through the NRA. Russia expert and CNN contributor Jill Dougherty says that that's no accident.

Journalsit and author Hsiao-Ching Chou joins Seattle Met reporter Hayat Norimine to recap the weekend: gene editing, television reboots, and... crabbing. (Welcome to Seattle in summer.)