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Unroll your beach towel. It's time to talk summer reads

A book spoted on a log in English Bay
Flickr Photo/Kyle Pearce (CC BY-SA 2.0)/
A book spoted on a log in English Bay


When the days are long and vacations are taken.

A time to pull out the books that give you pleasure and let you escape from the world.

The books you read during the summer do not have to be “easy reads” or “fluffy,” “light,” or “frothy.” They should be something you get lost in while at the beach or on a flight or long car ride.

Tom Hissley, owner of Phinney Books, says summer is the time when he pulls out the books that he knows will take more investment. The longer reads that he has time for during vacation. For Zoe Fisher, writer, lecturer and librarian at Pierce College summer was the time when she would reach for fantasy novels like ‘Harry Potter,’ a book that was often released in June or July. Hissley and Fisher joined Ross Reynolds in the studio to talk about summer reads and give recommendations for your summer reading list.

Zoe Fisher’s List:

Tom Hissley’s List:

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