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'Nanette' and comedy as resistance

Hannah Gadsby in Nanette
Courtesy of Netflix/Ben King
Hannah Gadsby in Nanette

Bill Radke talks about the Netflix stand-up comedy special, "Nanette," in which comic Hannah Gadsby says she's leaving comedy. "I built a career out of self-depreciation," she says, "And I don't want to do that anymore." We talk about comedy as resistance.

And speaking of resistance, we look at the protesters who heckled Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at a restaurant parking lot. As he drove away, the protesters yelled, "We know where you live!" Our panel weighs in on if the protesters have gone too far.

Our panel includes Valerie Curtis-Newton, head of the directing program at the University of Washington School of Drama. She also oversees the Hansberry Project, a professional African American theatre lab. We're also joined by David Schmader, writer and performed. He's currently a senior editor at leafly and author of the book, "Weed: The User's Guide."

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