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Pinball and barnacles: don't sleep on the last-minute delights of summer


Summer in the Pacific Northwest is ten months of planning followed by two months of all-out sprint. Passes for trails and campsites go fast. If you weren't organized enough to get yours in advance, don't despair! You don't have to stay at home in your backyard - although that's a great option too, says The Evergrey's Ana Sofia Knauf. 

She joined Bill Radke, alongside Nick Jarin of the Northwest Nerd Podcast and Charlotte Spang of the Seattle Aquarium, to talk about pinball, "caboozing," and all of the treats the water has in store for you this summer.

Mayor Jenny Durkan came by the studio to discuss everything from the budget to the Blue Angels. And we spoke to a newly minted US citizen, Othmane Rahmouni, about how citizenship has (and hasn't) changed his life.

You may have heard that NASA and NOAA just tracked down a meteorite that landed in the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary this weekend. Fun fact: a giant space rock is a meteor while in motion, but once it lands it becomes a meteorite. Jenny Waddell at the Marine Sanctuary told Bill what it was like to be on the exploration ship for the hunt.