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How do you sing America?


Tomorrow is the nation's 242nd birthday. The 4th of July brings citizenship ceremonies and fireworks displays. But this year it will also bring protests against the country's treatment of immigrants. Many people are now having a deeper conversation about what it means to be American. 

Local artists Kamari Bright, Rohena Khan, and Mintwab Zemeadim have an upcoming show called My Bae: America. If you were in a relationship with America, how would you describe it? They joined Bill Radke, and callers, to discuss the answers to that question.

Terrance Hayes is a decorated poet and educator. His newest book, "American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin", dives into what it means to be American - and what it means to be an assassin - in sonnet form. He joined Bill Radke last week to talk about the work.