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Alas, poor head tax: we hardly knew thee


It might be time to raise the parting glass to Seattle's head tax, which passed last month in a contentious (yet unanimous) city council vote. Amid a mounting, well-funded repeal campaign, the council is meeting to consider repealing the tax itself. Why the about face? And how will the city fund homeless services now? 

KUOW online editor Sydney Brownstone joined Bill Radke with an answer to that. Also present were Public Defender Association director Lisa Daugaard and Jon Scholes, president and CEO of the Downtown Seattle Association.

Last summer, you may remember the news that North Korea had developed technology that could get a nuclear missile to America. Specifically: to Seattle. Are we safe? The president says we are, and Kim John Un agrees. But what was really promised? We asked Clark Sorenson, director of the Center for Korean Studies at the University of Washington.

Here we are in balmy Juneuary, still clad in waterproof - and arguably unstylish - garb. With our weather, and the tendency to dress like a "hiking emergency" at any moment, as one listener wrote on Facebook: is Seattle a fashionable city? It depends on how you define fashionable, said our panel of guests. But Seattle does have something special that's all its own.

Clara Berg is a specialist and textile specialist at MOHAI. Andrew Hoge is the style and society writer for Seattle Magazine. And Dana Landon records the city's sartorial pulse at the street fashion blog It's My Darlin'.