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Spoiler alert: 'There Are No Grownups'


Yesterday, San Francisco had a special election for a new mayor. That city is facing a homelessness problem on a par with Seattle's, but approaching it very differently. KQED's Marisa Lagos explained the two mayoral frontrunners' plans. Bill Radke was also joined in studio by Sara Rankin, Director of Seattle University's Homeless Rights Advocacy Project, and Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times. The two discussed whether or not what works for San Francisco makes sense for Seattle.

King County's new youth jail has been a flashpoint for debate in the city. But what if there were an alternative to detention? King County chief juvenile prosecutor Jimmy Hung is working toward that alternative, with an approach called peacemaking circles. He came to the studio last month to share how the circles work, along with circle leader Saroeum Phuong.

The fact that "adult" has become a verb rather than a noun (#adulting) probably speaks to the fact that none of us feel like we've fully cracked the code on how to be a grownup. Neither has Pamela Druckerman, the author of Bringing up Bebe - and now she's admitting it, in a new book called "There Are No Grownups."