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Open source no more, as GitHub falls to Microsoft


Today, Microsoft announced that it's buying GitHub. The open source platform has been a gathering place for coders: not only a repository, but a way to show off their code to the community. Many coders now are leaving the platform. Todd Bishop from Geekwire stopped by to explain.

"Planet Funny: How Comedy Took Over Our Culture" is Ken Jennings' new book. Jennings posits that we are placing too much weight on the need to sneak in a joke. (Certainly no midday show we know is guilty of this.)

Can the president pardon himself? We asked UW associate law professor Lisa Marshall Manheim to speculate. Aside from that explosive headline, we discussed more literary stories - everything from the Baltimore Public Libraries' cancellation of all overdue book fines, to romance novel copyright fights. Erik Hanberg of the Metro Parks Board of Tacoma and author, professor, and founder Ruchika Tulshyan joined Bill Radke in studio.