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The Record: Monday, May 21, 2018


Fatal cougar attacks are rare - the last one in Washington state was years before the Great Depression. One cyclist was killed, and another badly injured, on a trip through the Cascade foothills. Is it likely to become more common? And what should you do if you're staring down a cougar? Conservation ecologist Chris Morgan says that we should respect the Pacific Northwest outdoors, but never forget that there's an element of danger.

How long should juvenile crimes follow you into adulthood? Does it depend on the type of crime? OSU pitcher Luke Heimlich pled guilty seven years ago to molesting his 6 year old cousin. Now questions are being raised about what we forgive in our athletes and other stars. New York Times reporter Kurt Streeter has been following the story.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote a scorching dissent in a Supreme Court case decided this morning, allowing employers to force their employees into individual arbitration. But what does that mean? Professor Eric Schnapper breaks it down.

And Leah Baltus, editor of City Arts magazine, and John Roderick of the band "The Long Winters" join us to chat about the royal wedding, the cougar attack, and how much sad songs say