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The Record: Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Seattle has gotten hot under the collar about the proposed head tax for homelessness services, and the debate continued today at another city council hearing. KUOW’s Amy Radil joined us live from the meeting with an update.

Speaking of things heating up: Hawaii’s volcanic eruption has spawned a thousand dramatic photos of lava engulfing suburban neighborhoods. Should you be worried about the Cascades following suit? USGS scientist Seth Moran tells you just how anxious you should be.

And: have you experienced a scent-free workplace? Were you all in favor, or offended at the thought? People have strong reactions to smells, and shared spaces make the conversation tricky. Jesse Hardy of Nordstrom joined University of Washington psychology professor and perfumer Ellen Covey to talk smells.

Donald Trump has been a boon for late night comedians. But as much as Trevor Noah and Steven Colbert parody him as a dictator, neither of them are in prison (yet). Satirist Gary Shteyngart and University of Washington professor of Slavic and Jewish literature compare Trump to Putin.