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Washington state schools grapple with #EducationSoWhite

Last year, a hashtag became an event in Seattle: #EducationSoWhite 2017 gave voice to and started a conversation about the lack of diversity among teachers in our schools. Ninety percent of Washington state teachers are white, while nearly half of the students are people of color.

This year the conversation continued with a focus on how that lack of diversity influences achievement gaps and the effect of cultural divisions that separate students and teachers. The discussion also includes the added complications of gender and sexual identity issues.

This #EducationSoWhite 2018 event was presented by Town Hall Seattle and The Seattle Times. It took place on March 15 at Seattle University’s Pigott Auditorium. KUOW’s Sonya Harris recorded the conversation. 

The emcees were Christina Joo and Erik Molano. Professor Daudi Abe gave the opening address. The moderator was Anika Anand. The panel included Marcos Silva, Kristin Leong, Chardonnay Beaver, Shukri Olow and Colin Pierce.

Listen to the full version below:

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