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The Record: Tuesday, April 24, 2018


The Seattle Times’ Nina Shapiro has been reporting on the tragedy of the Hart family, whose SUV plunged over a cliff last month in what authorities have reason to believe was no accident. Why were the warning signs ignored?

Are you skeeved out by Amazon Key? If so, Geekwire’s Todd Bishop is here to let you know that there’s another option – giving the company an opportunity to steal your car, rather than rob your house. Yes, the tech giant is offering delivery… to your trunk.

Lucy Jones is also known as the Beyoncé of earthquakes. And she’s here to remind you that preparedness isn’t optional when the big one hits. After all, 90 percent of the population survived Pompeii! This is most likely going to be you. How will you get ready?

The tunnel Bertha built is taking shape to open this fall. And it’s got to raise a lot of money in order to settle a comparatively small debt. KUOW’s Paige Browning tells us why.

Also, Vaughn Palmer from the Vancouver Sun updates us with the latest out of Toronto following yesterday’s deadly van attack.