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The Record: Thursday, April 12, 2018

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Two new studies show a decline in opiate prescriptions in states where medical marijuana has been legalized. Dr. Andrew Saxon joined Marcie Sillman to clarify whether the results are definitive, or just blowing smoke.

The city of Seattle is struggling to deal with homelessness, including individuals who are living in RVs and cars. Seattle Times reporter Vianna Davila explains why the status quo needs to change.

Artist Mary Ann Peters makes artwork that is “really intimate, and really grand in scale.” Her topic is the humanitarian crisis of migration unfolding in the Middle East and Africa. In the news, there is often a spike of outrage around a particularly shocking image, followed by a collective shrug. In a struggle that seems forgotten by much of the world, Peters’ paintings and installations make it impossible to look away.

Outgoing Planned Parenthood director Cecile Richards’ new book, “Make Trouble,” details an extraordinary life of activism. She joined us to talk about what social justice looks like in the age of Trump.