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The Record: Monday, April 2, 2018


What can you do if someone you love is addicted to a drug? If reasoning, pleading, and staging an intervention fail? In Washington state, soon you'll have a new option. It's called Ricky's Law. We spoke to the woman pushing for that legislation in 2016; she's back to tell us what's changed since the law passed.

If you watch "The Americans," you know the story - a married couple with American-born children. Normal. Successful. And hiding a secret life as Russian spies. That story took place outside DC, but there was a real live Seattle version that unfolded on Capitol Hill. James Ross Gardner told the story for the Seattle Met Magazine last fall; today he shared the details with Bill Radke.

When we think of cults, they seem unfathomable. But every family is a cult in its own way. Tara Westover grew up in a fundamentalist family in the Midwest, with no exposure to physicians or formal schooling until she left for Brigham Young University in her late teens. Now she holds a PhD in history from Cambridge. In her new memoir "Educated," she explores the beliefs we grow up with and what it takes to change.

President Trump has been threatening to come after Amazon on the basis of antitrust regulation. Can he do that? Not really, says Seattle University School of Law antitrust expert Jack Kirkwood. But we might want to keep a close eye on how Amazon is reshaping markets.