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Football owns the day of the week that once belonged to church

Concussion study testing equipment.
Flickr Photo/University of the Fraser Valley (CC BY 2.0)/
Concussion study testing equipment.

Football verges on being an American religion. But instead of the saints being martyred, they're getting hit. Hard. And often. The ensuing concussions can cause severe mental deterioration, erratic behavior, and even suicide.

Katherine Foley, a reporter with Quartz, came to Seattle to report a piece called "Football will keep killing players until we change the way it’s played." Seahawks reporter Michael-Shawn Dugar of the Seattle P-I joined Foley and Marcie Sillman to discuss the way the Seahawks play the game, and whether there's a way to tackle more safely. 

Michael-Shawn likens it to a vehicle collision: "There's no way to crash a car safely. The safest way to do that is to not crash in the first place."